Password Recovery

Lost passwords cannot be recovered. They are one-way-encrypted to keep your account safe. Instead you can do the following to set a new password for your account:
  1. Enter the new password for your account into the input field below. It's important to choose a strong password (use capitals, numbers, and special chars).
  2. Please click "Generate"
  3. Copy the generated value to clipboard. Make sure you copy all 40 bytes!
  4. Use your favorite file editor to open the file 'userdata.php' that's in your user's directory (dbninja/_users/your-user).
  5. Find the text similar to: "passwd";s:40:"9a7f51861bfce6627b8d6dd3585dced2831f2dbb"
  6. Replace the quoted 40 bytes with the value in your clipboard.
  7. Save the file.
  8. Log-in to your account!